Discover the life history of trees

tsap_win.jpgTSAP-Win™ offers a powerful software platform for tree ring analyses. All steps, from measurement up to the evaluation of tree ring sequences, are covered by TSAP-Win™. A large number of graphic and statistical functions up to database links are available in TSAP-Win™ and help you manage your data.


  • Historical dendrochronology
  • Dendro-ecology
  • Dendro-climatology
  • Increment and stem analyses
  • Geomorphology etc.


  • Different data formats are supported
  • Graphic and statistical synchronization right on the screen
  • Stores marks and comments together with the measured values
  • Detailed data header
  • Modular design: Comprehensive graphics and mathematical library, support of third-party formats, link to SQL databases

Measuring and processing (TSAP-Win™ Basic)

  • Direct control of measurement on the screen
  • Graphic post-processing of data
  • Internal notebook that stores marks and notes
  • Supported software includes LINTAB™

Data analysis (TSAP-Win™ Professional)

  • Additional functions to TSAP-Win™ Basic
  • Synchronization with various mathematical routines
  • Selection of linear or logarithmic Y axis possible
  • Graphic control of synchronization on the screen
  • Easy preparation of a chronology
  • Supported software includes LINTAB™ and VELMEX, and the TUCSON-format

Additional modules

Graphics library

  • Depiction of single and multiple series
  • Line and bar charts
  • Core diagrams
  • Optionally: Header information is represented together with the series/sequences

Mathematical library

  • Segment-oriented cross-date check (similar to COFECHA)
  • Various standardization and indexing routines
  • Mathematical routines such as simple operations, arithmetics, transformation, correlation, regression etc. can be implemented

Format library

  • Easy data exchange between various formats, such as CATRAS, Hemmenhofen, etc. is supported

Table module

  • Device drivers for Aniol, Kutschenreuther, NE 202 etc.

Database (in preparation)

  • Various entries can be selected for the data header to be stored together with your series/sequences
  • TSAP-Win™ selects and sorts your data the way you need them.
  • Possibility of manual and automatic data processing
  • SQL integration for local networks

TSAP-Win™ Scientific

Contains all of the modules and supports scientists/researchers with most tasks of tree ring analysis.



Download TSAP-Win™ (can be unlocked to full version).