Tree diagnosis

Protecting people from trees, or protecting trees from people? This is the question tree experts and the relevant authorities are often confronted with.


Tree ring analysis

Trees are reliable historians and data stores

Using a tree ring analysis, information can be obtained from and interpreted on the basis of the incremental structures.


Construction timber inspection

Wood is a natural material, and is thus also subject to biological and physical degradation processes, unless it is properly protected. We offer you service and products for the inspection of wooden structures, historical wood, engineered wooden structures, utility poles and piles and wooden bridges.


Quality control in the forest

Annual increment and wood quality

The visual assessment of trees and stem wood is of limited value only. For this reason we provide you with the possibilities of a technical control of the quality in the forest to obtain exact and reliable data.


Training and seminars

"The best technology can only be as good as the person using it."

Trees are highly complex living beings. Dealing with them requires a great deal of experience and utmost care. The inspection and assessment of construction timber also calls for sound knowledge. We also have to admit that not all of our products are self-explanatory!



Technology not available?

Have you got an idea that you cannot put into practice because you don’t have the right technology or software? Although we cannot solve your tasks for you, we can assist you in the development and production of the tools you need. You will be able to discover entirely new opportunities and achieve all of your objectives.