In addition to our software and measuring units, we also offer you valuable accessories.

Stereo microscopes

zubehoer.jpg Microscopes, combined with a stand, camera and other components that have been specifically adapted to your needs when performing tree ring analyses and biological wood analyses.

Personal computer, printers

laptop.jpg PCs, notebook and hand-held computers, configured ready-to-use with the desired software for tree and wood analyses installed on request.

Dry wood borers

trockenholzbohrer.jpgDry wood borers for taking samples for tree ring analyses and other wood research. The dry wood borers are available in different lengths, e.g. for construction timber, poles, etc.



Increment corers

ZuwachsbohrerIncrement corers for collecting cores from trees for tree ring analyses and other wood research. We also supply hardwood borers and accessories for 5 mm increment corers.