The tool for RESISTOGRAPH® profiles

decom.jpgUsing the DECOM™ software, you can get even more out of the profiles of your RESISTOGRAPH® . The profiles can be displayed on the screen or printed as a graphic chart, and can be processed for your reports. Mathematical and statistical routines are available for scientific applications, such as trend adjustments, tree ring detection, etc.


  • Tree check-ups
  • Increment analyses
  • Quality assessment of forest trees
  • Wood analyses


  • Online recording of RESISTOGRAPH® data
  • Graphic representation and post-processing features
  • Data analysis
  • Manual or automatic tree ring detection

Measurement and analysis (professional version)

  • DECOM™ continuously records the RESISTOGRAPH® profiles during measurement.
  • You can store additional information in the data header.
  • Decay and other wood abnormalities can be specifically highlighted in the profile.
  • Pictures can be integrated for a better object documentation.
  • The document can be printed.

Tracing the rings tree ring detection (scientific version)

  • Tree ring limits are automatically or manually marked by DECOM™.
  • You can calculate the width of the tree rings as well as intra-annual density variables and store them in a format compatible with TSAP-Win™.

Mathematical functions for advanced users (scientific version)

  • Using mathematical routines (e.g. trend adjustment, indexing etc.), the profiles can be analyzed even more precisely.
  • Statistical data can be stored in tables and used by other programs.