Electronically controlled drill resistance measurement

resistograph_2.jpg It is often not easy to detect the inner condition of trees and wooden structures. The RESISTOGRAPH® exposes this condition using electronically controlled drill resistance measurement.

The RESISTOGRAPH® has been completely redesigned based on our experience with thousands of applications. It has now become even more powerful, and its computer-controlled feed control enables customers to fully concentrate on the item to be examined. The speed and feedrate control no longer have to be preset. The measurement profiles are synchronously printed and additionally stored in the unit’s internal memory. You may transmit the data to your PC later and evaluate it with the DECOM™ software.


For street, park and forest trees

  • Detection of decay, cavities and cracks
  • Determination of the wood quality

For construction timber, poles and playground equipment

  • Wood inspection
  • Determination of wood quality
  • Detection of cracks, cavities and decay

Properties and advantages

  • Low weight of 4.0 kg
  • Speed of up to 300 cm/min
  • More than 50 drillings in hard wood with a single battery charge
  • Computer-controlled feedrate
  • Drilling depth: 50 cm
  • Synchronous printing on wireless printer
  • Live view of drilling with PC/Mac® or Android™
  • Storage of up to 10000 profiles in the internal data memory
  • Internal USB mass storage for easy profile access

Example model

RESISTOGRAPH® 650-EA with 50 cm drilling depth

Specific design for professional diagnosis of trees and timber.

Package includes:
  • Resolution 1/50 mm
  • 2 battery packs with charger
  • Wireless thermo printer with 20 paper rolls
  • USB cable
  • Tool set
  • 10 standard needles, 10 hardened needles
  • Carrying case for complete system
  • Carrying strap for device
  • DECOM™ Expert software for data processing and visualisation

Example case configuration: