1 Battery Pack

Does it damage the battery of my RESISTOGRAPH® if I recharge it frequently?

No, our batterie-pack does not have any memory effect. You can charge it even after short use.

How long does a charge take and is there any danger of over-charge?

Usually 12 hours should be enough to charge the batter. There is no danger to over-charge the battery.

Do I have to recharge the battery, even if I do not use the RESISTOGRAPH® over a longer period?

Yes, this is even a must! You should recharge the battery every 3 months - even if the system is not in use. This way you avoid a complete discharge of the battery, which will damage or even destroy it.

2 Drilling needles

What is the best indication, when to change a drilling needle?

After a while in use the drilling needle becomes v-shaped. As a result the resolution is slightly reduced, and the drilling profiles loose a part of their high frequency variation.

Can I sharpen the needles myself?

No, under no circumstances try to re-sharpen the needles. This will lead to unreliable results and may damage the device.

3 Palm III Handheld

I did not use my Palm for some time. Now I had to replace empty batteries by new ones and found that the ResiPalm software disappeared. What can I do?

As already mentioned in the ResiPalm handbook you must be aware of empty batteries. They have to be replaced by fresh ones every few weeks. If batteries are not replaced in time, ResiPalm must be re-installed. Follow the instructions.



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