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With the RINNTECH RSS feed, you will always keep track of our latest articles. There are various ways of subscribing to the RSS feed.

Subscribe to our RSS feed with the help of your browser.

For example, simply add the RSS feed as a “live bookmark” to your bookmark list in Firefox . For this purpose, click on the RSS feed symbol in the search field/address field. Then click on the button “Subscribe to …”. The RSS feed will be shown as a live bookmark in the symbol bar. Similar functions are also provided by IE 7 , Opera and Safari .


Subscribe to our RSS feed with the help of a feed reader.

You can also subscribe to our RSS feed using a special feed reader. For this purpose, right-click on the feed link . Select “Copy link address”. Then paste the link address into your feed reader. The website contains a list of numerous feed reader programs.

Subscribe to our RSS feed online

Another possibility is offered by the Google Reader , for example. This online tool can be used to subscribe to your RSS feed online. The procedure is the same as with a feed reader, but online. The benefits are obvious: You can retrieve the latest articles and news in any place of the world. Similar services are offered by, e.g., Yahoo , Bloglines , Mister Wong etc.



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