1 Installation

I installed TSAP-Win™ on my PC, but it runs in demo mode.

Your version is not unlocked yet. If you own a license for TSAP-Win™, please fill in the program registration form (see TSAP-Win™ "Help" menu) and send it by email or fax. You will receive the unklock code in return.

I received the unlock code for TSAP-Win™. How do I proceed to unlock the program?

Open Unlock from the menue Help and click on the unlock button at the bottom right of the window. Insert your unlock code and license name. The license name must be exactly the same as provided by RINNTECH.

I re-installed TSAP-Win™ on my computer. Can I re-use the unlock code you provided for the previous installation?

Only if the hardware did not change.

I unlocked my TSAP-Win™ version on my computer but other users working on the same PC have an unlocked TSAP-Win™ avaiable only.

Due to the Windows user management, older versions of TSAP-Win™ must be unlocked for each user separately. The unlock code stays the same on that PC. Please use the actual software version from our webpage.
You need administration rights to unlock the software for all users.

2 Measurement

I connected my LINTAB™ device to the PC, but I do not receive any measurement values in TSAP-Win™. What can I do?

  1. Check if the control diode shows an alternating light (green/red) while you are turning the LINTAB™ hand crank. If you are using a serial connection instead of an USB cable please control the energy supply (must be 7.5 V).
  2. Check, whether the data cable connects LINTAB™ with the USB/serial port of your PC.
  3. Open TSAP-Win™ and make sure that the correct device driver is set in the measurement options. For LINTAB™ 5 just choose LINTAB™ 5 from the list. For older devices please refer to the driver list.

The measurement values are not calibrated.

Check the driver installed in TSAP-Win™. Refer to the instructions. If you are not sure which driver is the sufficient one, please contact us. Note: We recommend to control the correct setup of the system from time to time.

At my old PC I connected my old LINTAB™ via the parallel port. Now I changed to a new PC witrh TSAP-Win™ and LINTAB™ does not work anymore.

TSAP-Win™ does not support the parallel conection. You will need an update of the LINTAB™-electronics. Please contact us.

3 Data management

How can I import data from Excel in TSAP-Win™?

It is quite easy to import data from Excel in TSAP-Win™. From Excel the data must be saved in ASCII-(text)-Format with tabs as delimiters. Please follow these steps:

  1. In Excel the data have to be ordered in columns with the years in the first column (indicated by "YEAR" in the column header. The following columns contain the time series. indicated by their key code in the column header.
  2. Replace empty cells by zeros.
  3. Save your Excel data in "Text (Tabs delimited)".
  4. Close your Excel document.
  5. Start TSAP-Win™ and choose open "Matrix (ASCII) (*.txt)" from the File-menu. Select your matrix file to be opened in TSAP-Win™. Be sure that the tab-delimeter is set in "Options"/ "File Formats".


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