Tree ring analysis

Trees are reliable historians and data stores

lignovision_1.jpg Dendrochronological techniques have become standard procedures in many disciplines today:

  • Botany and wood biology
  • Architecture and building research
  • Archeology, history of music and of art
  • Climate research
  • Ecological research
  • Geomorphology
  • Forestry and arboriculture.

The RINNTECH concept

Using a tree ring analysis, information can be obtained from and interpreted on the basis of the incremental structures. We offer the following services in the field of dendrochronology:

  • Precise dating of tree damages
  • Determination of damages caused by locational factors
  • Dating of old construction timber and wooden structures

lignovision_2.jpg We use the LINTAB™ linear surveyor’s table for precise tree ring measurements and TSAP-Win™ for the mathematical evaluation and graphical display of the tree ring sequences. On ground wooden surfaces, tree rings can even be automatically detected and measured using image analysis methods such as LIGNOVISION™.

resistograph.jpg Increment analyses and the determination of the inner status of trees can also be carried out using the RESISTOGRAPH®. The RESISTOGRAPH® provides insight into the inside of the trees with a resolution of 1/100 mm.



For more information, please refer to the following brochures.

LINTAB™ brochureRESISTOGRAPH® brochure