Construction timber inspection

Wooden structures

holzkonstruktionen.jpg Wood is a natural material, and is thus also subject to biological and physical degradation processes, unless it is properly protected. We offer you service and products for the inspection of wooden structures.

Historical wood

bauholzinspektionen_2.jpg The preservation of historical wood and cultural heritage structures requires information concerning the condition of the wood and other materials. We examine half-timbered houses and other historical buildings in preparation of restoration projects.

Engineered wooden structures

bauholzinspektionen_3.jpg New wooden structures may also be subject to damages caused by moisture. For this reason, the roofs of gyms and indoor swimming pools have to be regularly examined to verify their stability.

Utility poles and piles

bauholzinspektionen_4.jpg Millions of wooden poles support the power and telephone lines all over the world. Their preservation and maintenance requires regular inspections of their stability and safety.

Wooden bridges

bauholzinspektionen_5.jpg Wooden bridges are often cheaper to maintain than concrete structures. Nevertheless, wooden bridges also have to be regularly inspected because they are directly exposed to weather. When performed in time, preservation measures result in longer useful lives.

Der ARBOTOM® im Einsatz

The ARBOTOMŽ in use:

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