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Thanks for your patience with us!

Since shortly after the founding of our company in 1988, plagiarism of our measuring devices and brands appeared on the markets from time to time. Somehow we got used to this sad situation …

In 2011, this situation became extremely tightened. Since then, a competitor tries to force patent administrations to delete our oldest and most important brand (RESISTOGRAPH®) from the list of registered trademarks (then any company could use this name for labeling their products). After his first cancellation request was rejected by a German court (because the claims were unfounded), he submitted a similar cancellation request in USA. Although he later completely failed with his appeal lawsuit in Germany on the next court level, he continues with his petition in the US. Unfortunately, due to German and US law, we have to carry the bulk of our own costs.

As a consequence, we ask our customers to understand, that since 2011 not only our technical developments, but furthermore also many of our expert reports and regular product deliveries delayed significantly.

Originally planned for 2012, the first devices of the new series of (the “real”) RESISTOGRAPH® (series 6) were delivered at the end of 2014. Further innovations are to come soon. That means, we come forward, albeit much slower than planned.

For all the patience of our distribution partners and customers we want to thank again herewith, not only by words but in addition in the form of significant discounts on some new products that shall appear soon.


Products and services for tree and wood analysis

At RINNTECH we have many years of experience and numerous patents as users and developers in the field of tree and wood analysis. This enables us to offer you well-engineered technology and comprehensive services for your requirements concerning:

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Multiple awards

Products developed
by Frank Rinn:

Frank Rinn holds a degree in physics and is the owner of RINNTECH, a technical expert, researcher and manufacturer.